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Smart-DPV Wireless Display

Smart-DPV Wireless Display

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This item allows, with the radio connection to the controller,  the diver to follow the autonomy of his battery, the gear engaged, his headings thanks to the integrated compass. You can also monitor motor and controller temperature alerts.

Radio connection with the Smartdpv controller V2,

Gear and speed percentage,

Visual alerts on Dpv operating faults

Integrated compass, 

Temperature alerts - motor and controller,

DPV autonomy depending on the gear engaged and the previous battery consumption,

Live consumption on the battery,

4 levels of backlight

Battery included Samsung 18650,

Low power design (can hold months in sleep mode, battery protection included),

Male Gopro mount

box included

Tested at 180m meters depth 

Scalable - we are working on other features and add on

Compliant with CE and FCC rules - we use free ISM frequency

Charger not included

"Controller V2" or "Controller V2 Upgrade" is mandatory


This Product is made to order, expect 1-2 month leadtime when ordering.


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