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Lombardi Undersea

RD1 Rebreather L0 Kit

RD1 Rebreather L0 Kit

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The 'Rebreather Day 1' (RD1) 'kit' 

Our recommendation is to first configure the unit as a simple oxygen only system which is depth limited to 20 feet/6 meters depth. Once proficiency is attained, the open architecture allows for easy customization to SCR, CCR, and other integrated systems.

This kit system includes the following:

  • DSV w/120 degree adapters & MRS
  • breathing hoses
  • ADV and OPV t-pieces
  • Counterlungs
  • 2.5 kg scrubber canister w/elbows
  • 'Spine' piece with cam-band, studs, and hardware
  • Shipping tote
  • cylinders and valves
  • regulators
  • hoses/gauges
  • backplate/wing

The Rebreather Day 1 system has undergone >1000 hours of field testing and numerous units are in active service. Units are maintained in inventory for training, technical demonstrations, and immediate delivery.

Purchasing notes:

  • A signed waiver/release is required for purchase.
  • Training is required at time of delivery.
  • Kit systems and components may be supplied to qualified divers.
  • Contact us for more information. 
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