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Explorer Technology

Cuda Fury 1175wh Battery Pack

Cuda Fury 1175wh Battery Pack

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Explorer Technology LLC 1175wh Li-ion pack for Dive-Xtras Cuda 400.

Constructed in a 12s8p format of Samsung 35E Li-ion cells to provide a high capacity pack and a Bluetooth BMS Module that allows monitoring of the pack from an APP on your Phone! No more guessing on if you have enough juice for another dive! These packs come pre-weighted to match the stock Cuda 400 Battery.

Comes with Charger, Battery, And a Saltwater Ballast Plate

 Note. All Packs must be shipped Class9 Hazardous Materials, Battery shipments are limited to USA and Canada!

Lead Time on packs is 4 weeks from time of purchase.


Battery Performance on a CUDA

**These numbers are extrapolated from manufactures numbers, in water numbers may vary.**
Range at Max Speed/Drag | 3.4 Miles; 5.2km
Runtime at Max Speed/Drag | 68 Minutes
Range at Cruise Speed | 8.9 Miles; 14.3km
Runtime at Cruise Speed | 320 Minutes
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