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Blacktip Prop Upgrade Kit

Blacktip Prop Upgrade Kit

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Blacktip Prop Upgrade for Dive-Xtras Cuda/Sierra/Mako/ Silent Submerge and any scooter designed to use the oceanic style variable pitch prop!

Bring your DPV out of the dark ages! The Old style Oceanic prop is more than 20 years old and definitely shows its age when put up against newer scooter. They are prone to flexing creating a loss in power and speed. They were made with several complicated pieces to create the mechanical clutch that could often fail and not reengage during a dive! 

This kit is a drop in replacement for the old style prop offering an estimated 14% increase in thrust while reducing the number of pieces, having a stronger blade design, and swept back blades for easily shedding kelp and debris.


Kit Includes:

A Modified Dive-Xtras Blacktip Prop

3 Stainless Steel Screws

and Explorer Technology Adapter Plate 


Note: This is a fixed pitch prop and removes the factory mechanical clutch assembly. Please use with a variable speed ESC with current limiting!

The Oceanic Mako and other brushed motors Pre Submerge Motor 2007 are prone to heat issues and the extra load from using this prop may cause issues. Explorer Technology LLC Is not responsible or liable for any damages cause to your motor or DPV by using this product.

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