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Barracuda ESC

Barracuda ESC

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This is universal Electronic Speed Controller that will give your DPV underwater scooter the functionality of modern units. DPV Speed Controller is designed specifically for modifying DPV underwater scooters powered by brush motors. It is ideal for units such as Gavin, Silent Submerge, Hollis and others…. You will install it yourself with basic tools, without integrating it into the scooter housing, making additional holes or requiring additional seals.

Check out the installation of the controller.

Default settings of the controller offer a soft start function, defined 5 gears (speeds), the start is from 3rd gear, and after clicking the trigger three times you will reach the maximum speed. The default settings can be modified wirelessly via Bluetooth from your Android or iOS device.

Settings/functions you can modify/activate:

  • Starting gear
  • Speed and number of gears (max 8)
  • Speed ramp-up rate
  • Trigger response time
  • Double click for start
  • Start at maximum speed
  • Cruise control
  • Half battery warning (Using optional Sounder – default 20 taps )
  • Low battery warning (Using optional Sounder – default 40 taps)
  • Information about the current voltage and battery level.

Check out how to modify your own settings.

The operation of the sounder is shown in the video below from around 1:10 minutes. The sounder emits a series of tapping sounds and a perceptible vibration.

Operating parameters:

  • Operating voltage 18 – 40V
  • Continuous operating current – 30A
  • Overcurrent protection – 40A
  • Standby current consumption – 50mA

Each controller has a fuse holder and fuse (30A) included.

The DPV Speed Controller is equipped with a Lower Voltage Cut-off function – cutting off the power supply when the battery voltage drops below 18V – especially recommended for NiMH/NiCd batteries, but this also protects lead batteries from deep discharge.

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